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How to Clean Luxury Cinema Wall Carpets


Luxury cinema carpets usually use fire-retardant wall carpets, which are carpets processed with special technology that have fire-retardant properties and can effectively prevent fire accidents. The cleaning methods for fire-retardant wall carpets are different from those for ordinary carpets. Below are some suggestions for cleaning fire-retardant wall carpets. 

Flame-retardant wall carpets need to be cleaned regularly to remove dust and impurities. It is usually recommended to vacuum at least once a week. If cleaning is required, use a neutral cleaning agent and avoid using strong acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. Flame-retardant wall carpets should not come into contact with water for a long time, so it is necessary to prevent water stains from contaminating or splashing onto the carpet. Regularly check the condition of the fire-retardant wall carpets or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean them.

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